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Rants Ahead!

The Sekrit Society of Brilluminati
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We are a secret decoder ring society for vitriolic non-stupid fandom inhabitants encompassing - invitation only tea parties, cucumber sandwiches and the freedom to speak canon, rip to shite fangirls/boys and their opinions (oh and lack of personality and intelligence), and bask in the glory that is self-induced grandeur - but with cause and justification.

And a whole bunch of other drivel, to which point we may rant here about the stupidty of most of the human species; at least the ones who read/write fanfic.

Our fantastic Mods are joyous_trouble, pussicle and tapedeck. Beware of them. They will quite literally rip you a new one if you piss them off. We have few rules. We come here to rant. If you don't like it, go away. If we are ranting about you, you should stay out of it. You'll just make it worse if you try to pick a fight in here. Members are moderated and you can't post unless you're a member. If you tick off one or more of the members, you will be banned and removed. Once you are a member, feel free to use the lj icons provided. If you are not a member, please do NOT take the icons. Since I made them and I'd be really ticked off. BTW, I am joyous_trouble and I made this place. I picked the mods and they are, in effect, extensions of myself. They have all rights to toss you out on your rear should they choose.

Good day.